Beernarium - an original idea for a business!
Learn the ins and outs of operating a beer Spa

We have created an exceptionally climatic and popular place in Zakopane - Beernarium Piwne Spa
We have helped open several Beer Bathhouses in Poland and Europe.
You will make it with us for sure!

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Why Beernarium?

Beernarium is a new attractive place, ideal for a relax for couples. The combination of beer baths with beer tasting and rest on straw makes an awful impression! Beernarium is a unique experience.

Its exceptional concept proves itself excellently both in tourist locations and big cities.

The uniqueness of the brand is in the original body treatment, a cosy atmosphere and friendly staff. Each spa visitor must feel spoiled.

Safe start

We will help you select the right location and will arrange it so as to create an unconventional place with an exceptional climate.

proven know-how
possibility to use the Beernarium brand
training for the staff
start package


  • The overall cost depends on the size and arrangement of the facility.

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